Personal trainer | Masseur

Personal trainer | Masseur

“In our life we are led by different needs, wishes and goals, but we tend to forget a healthy and active lifestyle which is for some almost a myth or a legend.”

Miha is a Master of Science of Economics and has more than 10 years of experience in leading functions in different companies. He’s been active in sport since his childhood. He devoted special attention to martial arts such as karate, Tea-Kwon-Do, Kick Box and Ki-Aikido for many years. His perseverance and determination helped him to cycle across Slovenia, Croatia, South America, the Republic of South Africa and New Zealand. When he was 18 he found a great help for his activities in fitness which broadened his horizons and enabled him even more active and healthier lifestyle and this is why he decided to improve his knowledge in this field. He got educated and became a certified fitness instructor at the Fitness Association of Slovenia and a certified physical fitness trainer at the Faculty of Sports at the University of Ljubljana. 

In all the years he has worked as a personal trainer in different fitness centres he has gained a lot of experience in fitness and other sports. As a professional personal and physical fitness trainer and as a dietary counsellor in healthy eating and lifestyle he ensures his clients training under his supervision a faster and better progress as well as reaching their goals.

His principal guidance is that today’s results are a consequence of yesterday’s decisions and adds that the approach to newly set goals shall be constructive and positive.


• University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sports - Certified physical fitness trainer (level 2)
• Fitness Association of Slovenia – Fitness trainer (level 2)
• Safe Exercise in Pregnancy – ZFS, Association of Physiotherapists of Slovenia
• Masseur – HIGEJA, Massage Therapy School (Classical massage)
• Masseur – HIGEJA, Massage Therapy School (Sports massage)
• Masseur – HIGEJA, Massage Therapy School (Reflexotherapy)
• Masseur – HIGEJA, Massage Therapy School (Bown Therapy I)
• Masseur – HIGEJA, Massage Therapy School (Bown Therapy II)
• Masseur – SPIRITOSO, Massage Courses (MPT Massage, Trigger Point Therapy)
• Taping Therapeutist – NITA, Nasara International Taping Academy (Taping Therapy)
• PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) - PADI Rescue diver
• PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) - PADI Dive master


• EQF (European Qualifications Framework) - Fitness instructor (level 3)
• Schwinn – Cycling instructor
• TRX Suspension Training® - TRX instructor
• InterX Clinic – Interactive Neurostimulation (Good Practices) for acute and chronic diseases)

Personal trainer

Grega entered the world of sports already in primary school when he decided to live and grow through the rhythms of Latin-American and standard dancing tunes. For a whole decade, he attended dancing competitions where he gained numerous awards at home and abroad. Later on, he put his dancing shoes aside and dedicated his time to fitness. He tried different principles of gym as he believes that such experience is most relevant and worth having. Occasional injuries as well as enviable good results have led him through the labyrinth of the fitness industry to the acknowledgement that he strongly believes in the functionality of one’s body. He does not care about the modern trends and traps of today’s way of life as he cares much more about healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As his passion for dancing has never really died, he has subsequently joined fitness and dancing, and has thus led more or less all kinds of workouts we can see in many gyms and studios. His STEP workouts (TNZ, SHAPE step, latino, etc.), BODY&MIND workouts (yoga, pilates, balance) and functional trainings (bootcamp, crossfit, Hiit) are all known to have elements of his energy and are chilled with his professional and pretty merciless approach to training.

Grega sees his mission in making people aware about healthy lifestyle. He believes in personal growth and so he never stops looking for new challenges and chances to offer a quality training area and facilities, and professional approach to his clients and co-workers. He believes that experience and continuous educational trainings are the key to success. In recent years, he’s been putting more emphasis on personal trainings and sessions in smaller groups, and has so been looking for chances to help each individual client feeling better.

Grega is most happy and feels inspired when his clients reach their personal goals and he finds his motivation in many overcome diagnoses and smiles on their faces. He sources his energy and enthusiasm in the great team of professional co-workers of FormaNatura.

Motto: Don’t compete and compare yourself with others; your body is unique! It is the temple in which you live and your duty is to take care of it the best you can.


• Fitness association of Slovenia – fitness instructor (II. degree)
• Fitness association of Slovenia – group sessions instructor (II. degree)
• Bodyweight Basic (Marino Bašić)

Personal trainer
Personal trainer

Personal trainer

The love of sports and exercise has been a part of Grega's childhood. His first contact with competitive sports was rowing on calm waters, to which he devoted half of his elementary school years. Spinal problems forced him to abandon competitive sports and, for years, he devoted himself primarily to recreational martial arts, including karate and Taekwon-do. After high school, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Sport, majoring in Sport Coaching - Alpine Skiing, where he increasingly noticed and began to understand the gap between competitive sports and the health movement. Years of amateur fitness, the desire to eliminate problems with his own spine, and the fact that he likes to work with people led him to decide to try to help others through exercise, professional counseling and the right approach.

Grega has a national FZS license - fitness instructor, and with his experience in post-surgery rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation, he has helped many with their joint and spine problems over the years. He has experience in running small training groups and functional trainings, and devotes most of his time to personal coaching. The majority of Grega's clients are middle-aged women, and because of his approach and experience, in recent years he has also been entrusted by an increasingly elderly population whose goal is primarily to improve and maintain a healthy and vital body during the later years of life.

He advocates for the professional and tailored approach to the individual, and sees the key to success in moderation, patience and connection. If we want to make a change, says Grega, we must make the decision first and put ourselves first!


• Fitness Association of Slovenia - Instructor fitness (Level 2)

Personal trainer

Luka started his sport career in his younger years by actively playing basketball. The beginnings of his sporting career go back to elementary school, where he began to play basketball. As a member of BC Lastovka and later BC Helios, he has performed in various competitions, both at home and abroad. Competing in sports through high school and college, gave him a broader perspective on the training process, as he began to face injuries that are practically inevitable in competitive sports. Increasingly interested in the workings of the human body, he graduated from the NCSF Personal Trainer License (AFP). After graduation he joined the personal trainers team and started working at various fitness centers.

In almost four years he worked in the network of training centers, conducting personal trainings, group trainings, leading functional group workouts (Bootcamp, HIIT, etc.), training for the elderly, running school, and also assisted with fitness training at the training center. As part of the social group, he gave lectures on nutrition and exercise and also transferred his knowledge as a mentor to new coaches. He has also shared his experience at several conventions.

He is aware that the field of personal coaching is changing rapidly and coaches have a great responsibility for the health and safety of trainees, so he devotes a great deal of time to self-education. The field of fitness and functional training is not the same as it was ten years ago, so he believes that up-to-date training is of paramount importance. In his work, he focuses on quality movement patterns and training that is individually tailored to the individual, his needs and desires.

In his mission, he is motivated by all satisfied employees and people who he helped in one way or another. The motto that has been following for a long time is that every change requires willpower and time, and no shortcut leads to the goal. So don't wait for the right moment. Create it yourself and get started now!


• Union of Fitness Professionals of Sovenia - NCSF / AFP Personal Trainer (Level 2)
• RockDoc License, Rocktape Kinesio Taping - FMT Kinesio Tapes

Personal trainer


The road to life is full of bends, crossroads and dangerous stretches. Occasionally, we find ourselves in a situation where “time stops”. Then we look at ourselves and ask where I am, where I want to go and how to get there.

Matjaz Košir is a graduate educator and historian. For ten years he worked as a pedagogue - a therapist, leading socio-therapeutic groups and also engaged in individual therapeutic work. He was a preschool educator, and from 1995 to 2009, he also served as a senior counselor and coach at Socius d.d. Ljubljana. He was a Dale Carnegie® Training Coach and is a specialist in integrative transactional analytic psychotherapy. He started individual practice in 2009 and helped many clients with various problems.

He has extensive experience in conducting trainings, lecturing at seminars and conducting workshops, coaching, individual therapy work and analyzing and assessing leadership competencies and associates in Slovenian companies. His areas of expertise include team building and teamwork, interpersonal relationships, personal and business potential development, competency assessment and development, emotional intelligence, effective teamwork and stress management. He is also trained in EMDR therapy.

He is convinced that certain situations can be resolved either with our own consideration or with the help of friends and other people's experiences. However, certain events require the consultation of a professional and experienced person who helps to make a clearer and easier decision.


• IPSA (Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling) - Graduate Psychotherapist
• IPSA (Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling) - EMDR Level 1
• IPSA (Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling) - EMDR Level 2
• Dale Carnegie Training - TDC Training Coach
• Dale Carnegie Training - Coach Training


Niko is a Master of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. At a young age he used to play tennis, golf, and as a student he fell in love with basketball. Throughout his life he has been very active in sports. Aat the beginning of his studies of pharmacy and a more thorough understanding of the functioning of the human body, he began to intensively deal with the importance of healthy eating and other beneficial habits in the prevention of disease.

Initially, this was driven entirely by his own interests in finding a healthy lifestyle, and was further encouraged by the exploration of the field that scientifically unsubstantiated nutrition information in humans often causes great confusion. He earned his certification as a Nutrition Advisor following the well-known Precision nutrition program, which has helped more than 200,000 people achieve life-changing changes with simple habits (the program's founder, Dr. John Berardi, is a nutrition consultant for companies like Nike, Apple, and The New York Times).

Because we believe you will like his Healthy Habits program, we offer a one-month free trial of the program for you to decide on if you want to continue.


• Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana - Master of Pharmacy
• ACE ( American Council on Exercise) - Personal Trainer
• Precision Nutrition - Nutrition Advisor

External associate

External associate

After completing her studies in physiotherapy at the College of Healthcare Professionals in Ljubljana in 1993, she continued her education abroad, with a master's degree from the University of East London in England. She started her professional career at the then Institute of Rehabilitation of the Republic of Slovenia - Soča and continued it in 1998 at the Department of Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Health at the University of Ljubljana.

In 2000, she successfully completed her continent specialization in England. Since 2011, she has been employed as a physiotherapist with specialist skills at the Gynecological Clinic of the University Clinical Center in Ljubljana. Her professional and research work focuses on women's health, especially urinary and fecal incontinence, and treatment of musculoskeletal problems in pregnancy and postpartum.

She has been a member of the Association of Physiotherapists of Slovenia since 1993, and a member of the Section for Physiotherapists for Women's Health since its founding in 1996. She has served for two terms as Vice-President of the International Association of Physiotherapists for Women's Health and a member of the Extended Professional College of Physiotherapy at the Ministry of Health. She is a visiting editor at the Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy.

In her spare time, she runs workouts for women in adulthood, for women with osteoporosis and for pregnant women and postpartum women. Her great pleasure is traveling and exploring new places.


Touch and its beneficial effect is elder than any other written tradition. Massage as part of tradition of many nations is among the oldest therapeutic healing methods that already Hippocrates wrote about in 5 BC.   

Nature and sport are her companion since childhood. She gained deeper knowledge of human body when she got engaged into fitness and aerobics as a medical technician. All those experiences gave her greater touch by working with people. After fifteen years of deepening and widening her knowledge about massage she still finds her motivation in pleasuring her clients.

Our body and mind are under constantly fast and stressful lifestyle therefore the negative consequences are inevitable. “Stop by for a moment and take the time for your mind, your body and yourself!”


• Masseuse – Spirit star, Education program for masseurs and therapists (classical massage)